Wycombe Environment Centre


Our Environment, Our Future

Charity no: 1094917  |  Company Limited by Guarantee no: 4218686  |  Entrust Environmental Body Reg. no: 721501


Our Trustees

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Dr Frances Alexander

Chairman of the Board of Trustees


Mr Stephen Clarke

Business Development


Mr John Jewell



Dr Elsa Woodward



Ms Lindsay Horler

Youth Outreach


Mr Anthony Murphy

Location Negotiator


Mr Richard Hill



Mr Alistair Jack 

New trustee

"That every individual who comes through the door

might take away at least one idea for living

in greater harmony with our planet."


Frances Alexander

Chairman, Wycombe Environment Centre

Click here to watch Frances Alexander talk about the importance

of Wycombe Environment Centre given the current climate.

A message from Frances Alexander

Our Vision


At Wycombe Environment Centre, we think it is important that the world that is passed onto our children, and to their children, should be in as good a state as possible. Recent generation have not only caused environmental degradation


  - Plastic bags littered throughout the globe on land, and swirling around the Pacific


  - Landfills pollute vast areas with mountains of our waste


  - Areas of monoculture, which cuts biodiversity


  - Resource depletion


But also, the last 200 years of burning fossil fuels has raised the air content of CO2 greatly. This causes global warming, as radiant heat is unable to escape from the atmosphere, giving rise to climate change, with:


  - Warmer oceans causing higher water evaporation and more rain and flooding


  - Hurricanes


  - Melting Arctic ice sheet and glaciers causing raised sea levels - Maldives under threat


  - There will be refugees from affected areas


  - Jet stream variation which causes stormy weather and floods in the UK


  - Severe drought in some countries


  - Food shortages/food price increases


  - Fires


Over the past twelve years, I have loved the diversity of our volunteer helpers!


There are grandparents like me, retired people, mums and dads, unemployed, professionals filling in their spare time usefully. There are younger people gaining work experience - these range from 6th formers who have never been employed to MScs waiting for the right job to turn up (and earning a good reference). There are university students on placements, finding out their strengths during their courses to be better prepared for the job market. School students find that Environment Centre volunteering on their application forms makes them stand out as interesting people.


There are Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, Jews and people of no faith, all working harmoniously together.


Over the past twelve years an Environment Centre has been created which we can be proud of, with recycled furniture in every room, productive gardens, money in the bank and many friends in the locality.


Moreover, the ecological message has been passed onwards, happily, to helpers, visitors and friends.