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Our Trustees

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In 1992, representatives from all over the world met in Rio de Janiero and called on the nations of the world to Think Global, about what might be in store for the world, but to Act Local, to cut our CO² emissions, because we can all do something about it!  

Wycombe Environment Centre trustees and volunteers have identified the following paths where we can each make useful changes in our lives towards living more sustainably:


  • So much heat is lost through lack of insulation!

  • Wall and loft insulation are often free

  • Double glazing is expensive but bubble-wrap fixed over windows keeps you cosy in winter

  • Draught excluders should be used wherever there is a draught

  • Wear warm clothes and turn down the thermostat

  • Lag your boiler

  • Increase your comfort and cut fuel costs!

  • Save finite resources


  • Walk or cycle - it's good for physical and mental health!

  • Live near work, schools and shops!  Reduce stress!

  • Use public transport: buses and trains.

  • Cut unnecessary car journeys. Is your car carbon friendly?

  • Car share or join a car club.

  • Check out Common Wheels - it might be OK for you!

  • Fly rarely. Redevelop Airships!

  • Support integrated transportation.

  • Solar panels: to generate electricity and to warm water.

 • Free at A Shade Greener

 • Buy from Sola Save etc

  • Wind Turbines at High Heavens?

  • Anaerobic digesters – collecting waste, burning methane.

  • Hydro generation along the Wye?

  • Invest in Low Carbon Chilterns Co-operative

Food - Grow and Eat

  • No garden too small to grow some vegetables

  • Organic food does not pollute the soil

  • A vegetarian diet is healthy and low carbon

  • Composting garden and kitchen waste

  • Buy local organic food - cut food miles, eg Pann Mill flour!

  • Teach your children to grow and cook their food

  • Empower to Cook: local company teaching cookery

Reduce Reuse Recycle

  • Quit buying trash that you don’t need

  • Cut down on plastic packaging

  • Use your recycling bins

  • Check out your charity shops

  • Support Out of the Dark, upcycling old furniture and people

  • Minimise waste and storage

  • Conserve Water!  Shower

  • Conserve rare metals (we will recycle your old mobiles)

Protect Biodiversity

  • Don’t use pesticides

  • Could you keep bees?

  • Keep the rain forests

  • Join in Chiltern Rangers Green Thursdays

  • Help in our Funges Meadow survey

  • Stop paving over your garden – use bee-friendly planting

  • Hedges, not fences


  • The world’s resources are finite.

  • We need the resources of 1.5 worlds each year

  • Population is set to increase exponentially

  • How can we reverse the trend?

  • Educate women: creates a stable population

  • Celebrate decision of couples to stay child-free

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Act Local - Facts

Over the past twelve years we have attracted hundreds of volunteers, together we have been creating a guide to those changes, and your ideas will be useful.

Please visit us in the Chilterns Shopping Centre where we now have our new home.  You can see our exhibitions, get information, take part in our workshops and volunteer.  

Our teams of volunteers become our best ambassadors for sustainable living!

The Rainbow Paths to Sustainable Living








 • Reduce Carbon Emissions!