Wycombe Environment Centre


Our Environment, Our Future

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Our Trustees

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Dr Frances Alexander

Chairman of the Board of Trustees


Mr Stephen Clarke

Business Development


Mr John Jewell



Dr Elsa Woodward



Ms Lindsay Horler

Youth Outreach


Mr Anthony Murphy

Location Negotiator


Mr Richard Hill



Mr Alistair Jack 

New trustee

Working brief for the Environment Centre Gardening Group





Water consumption:  re-cycle rainwater, use mulches, add compost, water retention

granules. Water early morning or evening.  Careful planting.


Use of peat-containing composts.  Mix organic compost into peat-free compost.


Use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides.  Use companion and mixed planting and physical barriers, where possible.


Save and share seeds, divide and share perennial plants.


Buying of new containers.




Re-use plastic containers from food products rather than buying new:  as plant pots, labels, seed trays, propagator tops, water saucers.  Examples: Soup containers, take away or ready food trays, soft cheese and yoghurt pots.




Compost all kitchen/garden waste (either in own compost heap/bin or use Council Green Bin scheme).


If buying new, buy re-cycled plastic (e.g. water butts, compost bins, watering cans)


Water from kitchen (if vegetarian).


Henri Court, Leader of the Gardening Group