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Charity no: 1094917  |  Company Limited by Guarantee no: 4218686  |  Entrust Environmental Body Reg. no: 721501


Our Trustees

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Dr Frances Alexander

Chairman of the Board of Trustees


Mr Stephen Clarke

Business Development


Mr John Jewell



Dr Elsa Woodward



Ms Lindsay Horler

Youth Outreach


Mr Anthony Murphy

Location Negotiator


Mr Richard Hill



Mr Alistair Jack 

New trustee

Volunteers July 2012

Anyone can volunteer!

We need you to help us to find ways to raise awareness and provide sustainability in your commmunity.

If you are interested in any of the roles below, please fill in the form at the bottom of the page.


If you are looking for more responsbility, we also have management vacancies.

Apply now as it's great experience for your CV!

Early in the history of the Environment Centre, Kim, a young woman with special educational needs raised £100 for the organisation.  We were very touched by this gesture!


Ever since then, each year we have distributed a Kim Award certificate to a volunteer for outstanding work they have done for the Centre, and we intend to again this year, too!  


If you would like to nominate someone, please contact us!



Cooks Group - to ensure our volunteers don’t go hungry!


Gardening Group - growing food for the Centre and Empower to Cook.  Group Leader: Henri Court


Trail Leaders - to get people finding out about their town, trees, water, history through walks .


Working with Revive the Wye - during Summer to help clear rubbish from the Wye and make decent habitats for small creatures. 4 to 5 times a year.


Thermal Imaging Group - a winter project to measure the heat loss of the walls of houses in High Wycombe.  

Group Leader: Naomi Jones


Biodiversity Group - to plan projects, research and understand the natural world.





Library & Information Group - to sort books and pamphlets so information is available help visitors find the information.


Marketing  and Social Media Group - ensure the centre, its programme and messages are known throughout the town.


Fundraising Group - to ensure we have the money to keep going.


Office Management - to answer the telephone, file papers, keep records etc.



Displays and Exhibitions Group - to ensure the Centre has clear messages shown in a co-ordinated and inspirational way!


Fundraising Group - to plan and organise fundraisers for the Centre!



Cleaning & Tidying the Centre - important and needed all the time!


Centre Maintenance/ Health and Safety - being responsible for the fabric of the centre – decorating, mending, shelving etc



Programme and Events Group - to plan eco-happenings and a programme for the Centre! Perhaps to work with the funding group.




Event staff - to help set up during activities and events and welcome visitors.








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Wycombe Environment Centre has no paid staff.  We rely on volunteers.

Whatever time you have to offer, whatever your skills, they will enrich the work!


Kim Award

Hamish Wallice

BSc Environment Management

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time volunteering at the Wycombe Environment Centre - everyone I worked with was fantastic,  I made some great friends and built some excellent contacts. I learnt a huge amount from the experience, and the impact on my CV led to a job so thank you very much! Will be sure to visit again."

* Required

If you are interested in these opportunities or have any other ideas please contact us using the form below

Volunteering Opportunities